Heritage Letter Subscription

Heritage Letter is a letter subscription that features a letter written from the perspective of a different American historical figure each month.

We cover a broad range of people from America’s past.  Some of our previous letters include: Betsy Ross, Helen Keller, Benjamin Franklin, Laura Ingalls Wilder, John Muir, Sequoya, Booker T. Washington, and many others.

With a subscription to Heritage Letter, each month you'll receive...

- a LETTER written from the perspective of an American historical figure surrounding the events of his or her life and his or her contribution to American history.
- a PHOTO/FACT CARD with a picture of the person and important facts regarding his or her life on back.
- an ARTIFACT such as a picture, artwork, or map related to the person.


What Customers are Saying about Heritage Letter...

"My oldest son was a struggling reader until he found a book at the library called A Spy Called James the true story about James Armistread Lafayette.  He loved that book and it began a year long homeschool study about all things Revolutionary War.  When I saw a Heritage Letter from James Lafayette I just knew we had to sign up.  We have not been disappointed!  Thank you.  My son is now an avid reader and he enjoys reading the letter for himself too."  -Katie

"My girls and I look forward to your letters each month :)"  -Patricia

"I’m so glad I found you! Your letters offer such a gift to those who desire to learn." -Sonja
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    We will mail your first letter within 2-5 business days. From then on, your letters will be mailed 2-5 days after your subscription renews.

    Our letters are perfect for stand-alone units, but they can also be used in morning baskets, school projects, unit studies and more!

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