Why the Heritage Letter?

The Heritage Letter was born of a love of American history and a desire to share it with others in a unique way.  We desire to build a community of history enthusiasts, teachers, and parents who love to share our rich history with children.  We aim to create a special experience for our subscribers to grow their knowledge of American history on a monthly basis.

Historical fiction is one of our favorite literary genres, because it allows us to fill in the gaps in a person's life between the historical facts that we know about the person and all the things that we don't know about them specifically but can imagine based upon other known beliefs, ideologies, and events of their times.  For each Heritage Letter we've selected a significant event in that person's life as a focus of our letter in order to attempt to convey the historical facts, events, and realities of that time in the person's life and breathe live into it with the feelings and excitement they may have experienced at that time.

What will I receive?

The letters are delivered monthly via snail mail.  Each letter will contain 3 items:

1.  A fictional letter steeped in historical fact from someone who helped make America the country it is today.

2.  A photo fact card with a picture of the person and important facts surrounding that person's life on the back.  The pictures used will be historical photographs, paintings, drawings, or other artist renderings of the person. 

3.  An artifact related to that person.  It might be a map, a drawing, a picture, a a passage of writing, or a famous quote, the sky's the limit.

In addition to the letter you'll be able to find a blog post on our website with lesson plan ideas containing book recommendations, games, arts and crafts, and field trip ideas broken down by preschool through high school age groups.

About Us

We are a homeschooling family of 4 who enjoys traveling to historical places and events and desires to share our love of American history with you.