American Heritage Adventure Letter Subscription

American Heritage Adventure Letter is a letter subscription that features a letter written from a new place in the United States each month.

We cover a broad range of places across America, some of our previous letters include: the Liberty Bell + Independence Hall, Niagara Falls, Mammoth Cave, the Grand Canyon, Olympic National Park, Mount Rushmore, and many more. 

With a subscription to American Heritage Adventure Letters, each month you'll receive...

- a double-sided LETTER written from Lizzy Jane as she explores America one stop at a time, featuring hand drawn original artwork & lettering

- a SOUVENIR POSTCARD featuring artwork from the letter that you can keep for yourself or mail to a friend


What Customers are Saying about American Heritage Adventure Letter...

"Thank you so much for sending the letters!! They are amazing!" - Rebecca

"Our latest American Heritage Adventure Letter came today!!! We LOVE these little bits of adventure that come right to our mailbox. This one happens to be one of the coolest places EVER!! Colorado will always have a special place in my heart." - Rachael
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    We will mail your first letter within 2-5 business days. From then on, your letters will be mailed 2-5 days after your subscription renews.

    Our letters are perfect for stand-alone units, but they can also be used in morning baskets, school projects, unit studies and more!

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