Norman Rockwell Lesson Plans

There are so many wonderful directions you can go with a study on Norman Rockwell!  Our top recommendation is simply to study his life and his artwork.  Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Don't have the letter yet?  You can grab the snail mail version here or the digital version here!

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For All Ages


Norman Rockwell Museum’s American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell

Rare Collectibles TV Artist Documentary


Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts
The museum has many of Rockwell’s works available online for viewing, resources for educators, and virtual tours of some of Rockwell’s work on their website.


  • Norman Rockwell 2020 Wall Calendar—a wall calendar is an excellent way to get larger prints of an artist’s work that you can either display as a calendar or cut the months apart to get multiple images to hang around your house or classroom.

  • Norman Rockwell Postcards—here’s another easy way to display Rockwell prints to in your home or classroom.





Middle School/High School & Beyond


One Week with Norman Rockwell

Day 1: Learn about Norman Rockwell

  • Read the Heritage Letter from Norman Rockwell
  • Read books about Norman Rockwell (depending on how many books you have available or the length of the books you could space them out over the week)

Day 2: See more of Norman Rockwell’s Art

  • Watch the videos about Norman Rockwell linked above.
  • There are an additional 4 Rockwell prints available for you in our free downloads here.

 Day 3: “Boy on Stilts” Artwork Mapping

  • Study the “Boy on Stilts” print from your letter more in-depth with the Artwork Mapping activity in our free downloads here.

Day 4: Enjoy Norman Rockwell’s Art

  • Look through any books, prints, etc. of Norman Rockwell’s work that you have an give time for each person to pick a favorite picture and tell what he/she likes about it.

Day 5: Create Like Norman Rockwell

  • One of Rockwell’s pictures was a self-portrait (you can find it on the Norman Rockwell Museum’s website here). Draw a portrait of yourself…you don’t have to use the same style Rockwell did, though you certainly can!  There’s an excellent blog post on how to create a portrait that mimics Rockwell’s style at
  • For older students, if time allows and you would like to extend into another lesson or series of lessons study Rockwell’s series the Four Freedoms. What would those pictures look like if they were made during our present time?  Are those still the 4 freedoms Americans value most?  Draw or stage photographs of how you would communicate those values through art.



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