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Whether you're here because you're busy enjoying our American Heritage Adventure Letter all about the San Antonio Mission Trail or because you just want to learn more about the trail and the 5 amazing missions in San Antonio, welcome!

San Antonio is a beautiful city with a rich cultural history that is distinctly marked by the presence of 5 Spanish missions that were established along the San Antonio River by Spanish Franciscan priests in the 17th and 18th centuries.  While most everyone has heard of the Alamo, the other missions are no less beautiful and worthy of a visit. 

To help you learn a bit more about the San Antonio Missions we've compiled a short list of videos, websites, books, and more below! 

You're probably wondering about the missions other than the Alamo, what their names are, and why they're important.  Here's an excellent video from The Daytripper to introduce you to Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, Mission Concepcion, and Mission Espada!

In case you're wondering about the Native peoples who were living in the area at the time the missions were established, they were from a number of hunting and gathering bands of Native Americans that together are called the Coahuiltecan.(kwa-weel-teken).  


San Antonio Mission Trail 



San Antonio's Spanish Missions: A Portrait by Mike Osborne
Over 100 beautiful pictures inside and outside of San Antonio's 5 missions!

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park by Luis Torres
Excellent book produced by the National Park Service describing the history and significance of San Antonio's Spanish missions.

Mission Concepcion 

Mission San Jose 

Mission San Juan

Mission Espada


 The Alamo

Alamo Homepage



What Was the Alamo? by Pam Pollack
"Remember the Alamo!" is still a rallying cry more than 175 years after the siege in Texas, where a small band of men held off about two thousand soldiers of the Mexican Army for twelve days. The Alamo was a crucial turning point in the Texas Revolution, and led to the creation of the Republic of Texas. With 80 black-and-white illustrations throughout and a sixteen-page black-and-white photo insert, young readers will relive this famous moment in Texas history.

Susanna of the Alamo: A True Story by John Jakes
“Remember the Alamo!” is one of the most familiar battle cries in American history, yet few know about the brave woman who inspired it. Susanna Dickinson’s story reveals the crucial role she played during that turbulent period in Texas-American history.

Additional San Antonio Links

San Antonio Tourism

San Antonio River Walk


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