5 Ways to Learn about Kauai!

Kauai, the Garden Island

What a lovely paradise on earth!  Have you been there or are heading there soon?  Or would you just love to learn a tad more about this beautiful Hawaiian Island?

We have you covered with 5 ways to learn more about Kauai!

1.  Take a Virtual Tour of Kauai!

2. Read a book about Hawaii! 

Honey Girl, The Hawaiian Monk Seal written by Jeanne Walker Harvey & illustrated by Shennen Bersani


Ohana Means Family written by Ilima Loomis and illustrated by Kenard Pak


A is for Aloha written by U’ilani Goldsberry and illustrated by Tammy Yee


3.  Watch a movie or show filmed in Kauai! 

For a great list, head over to the Kauai Film website at https://filmkauai.com/movies-television-shows-filmed-kauai/  With titles including Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hook, Gilligan's Island, Donovan's Reef and many, many more I'm sure you'll find a few you've already seen and some you'd like to try!

4. Visit Kauai on Google Earth!

This is one of our favorite ways to check out new places!  Just type "Kauai" into the search bar and let Google Earth take you there so you can explore any area of the island you like.

If you've never used Google Earth before, you'll be amazed by all it can do.  Here's a beginner guide's to show you some tips and tricks to using this powerful tool:

5. indulge in a Hawaiian Treat

Mango, guava, pineapple, coconut, banana, papaya, starfruit, and lilokoi (passion fruit)...the tropical fruits native to Hawaii with their bright colors and delicious flavors make a wonderful treat.  Taste the flavors of the islands with a tropical smoothie, shaved ice (or a snow cone), or a tropical fruit salad.  Kauai is also home to the Lydgate Chocolate Farm farm so a decadent piece of chocolate will also help you taste the flavors of this island paradise!

Bonus!  Get a story about Kauai in the mail!

Let us sent you a delightful tail from explorer Lizzy Jane's adventure to the beautiful island of Kauai!  Hand drawn artwork, hand lettering, and a souvenir postcard accompany our double-sided letter all about a wonderful journey to the Garden Island.  Grab the letter here!




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