Visiting Grand Canyon National Park

Are you heading to the Grand Canyon soon?  Or are you studying it for school?  Either way, we’d  love to help you prepare for your trip by showing you some great resources to help you and your family learn more about the Grand Canyon before you go!

One of the best ways we’ve found for our family to prepare us for epic adventures is to GO EDUCATED

For us this is a two-fold process.  The first part involves all the LOGISTICS.  “Where are we going? Where are we staying? Where/what are we eating? How long will we be there? Does the hotel have a pool or hot breakfast?”  You know, the logistics.

The second part is much fun than figuring out all of the logistics.  It’s LEARNING all about the place we’re planning to visit so we can get EXCITED about it!

When it comes the Grand Canyon, it’s such an EPIC trip that you really want to make it perfect!  So, if you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, let me help you get started in educating your family about it with our list of websites, resources, and videos all about the Grand Canyon. 

If you’re looking for a super-fun way to get your kids excited about the Grand Canyon, our American Heritage Adventure from the Grand Canyon is a wonderful way to read about some of the adventures you can have there.  You can grab that letter RIGHT HERE!   And if you'd like to learn about John Wesley Powell, the great explorer and mapper of the Grand Canyon, we have a letter from him too!

Here are some links you’ll want to check out to help you learn about the Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon Official Website

Grand Canyon National Park Website

Plan Your Trip to the Grand Canyon

Let Ash, a former park ranger, at the travel blog Dirt in my Shoes give you all the tips and scheduling tricks you need to have an epic time at the Grand Canyon!

Nab her free Grand Canyon Checklist HERE!

Learn about the Geology of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Geology

Junior Ranger Badge

Help your kids get their Grand Canyon Junior Ranger Badge!  There are a few different badges for the Grand Canyon so check out their website ahead of time to see which badge(s) you want to get.

Grand Canyon Junior Ranger Info

Rock the Park: Grand Canyon

Explore the Grand Canyon's Phantom Ranch


We LOVE finding great books to read to help us learn all about the places we're planning to visit!  Here are some great ones about the Grand Canyon!

Before I go, here's one last video full of amazing pictures of the Grand Canyon that I know you'll LOVE! 

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