All about Fort Ticonderoga!

Visit Fort Ticonderoga's Website HERE.

We found some amazing resources while studying Fort Ticonderoga!  Here are a few that you might enjoy adding to your study with our letter.  If you don't have it already and you'd like to add our Fort Ticonderoga American Heritage Adventure Letter to your study, you can grab it here:
Fort Ticonderoga American Heritage Adventure Letter

Fort Ticonderoga has an active YouTube Channel where you can find a wonderful wealth of videos including reenactments, historical research, and other aspects of the fort.  They also have an active Facebook page where they host live videos of reenactments and other happenings at the fort.  The following is their promotional video which provides a great introduction to the fort!

King's Garden Tour

In our letter Lizzy Jane explores the King’s Garden, catch a glimpse at its beauty here:


Go inside the fort!

Take a look inside the fort with Across the Fence:

Here's another look inside the fort from Mountain Lake PBS:

Blog with Great Pictures of Fort Ticonderoga

The family at Aspire to Wander Blog visited Fort Ticonderoga.  I think you'll enjoy reading about their adventure there!

Aspire to Wander Blog


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