Antelope Canyon: the place where water runs through rocks

The Navajo name for Antelope Canyon is Tsé bighánílíní, the place where water runs through rocks!

Are you as stumped as I am as to how to say that? 

We may not know how to say it, but the meaning is beautiful.  It's so simple, yet perfectly captures the essence of Antelope Canyon.

We LOVED learning all about Antelope Canyon as we wrote our September 2021 American Heritage Adventure Letter about Antelope Canyon with a quick side trip to Horseshoe Bend! 

We love sharinig with you some of the excellent resources we found as we researched this letter.  We hope you'll enjoy these videos, websites, and more as much as we have.  AND if you'd like to grab a copy of our Antelope Canyon Letter you can do by subscribing to the American Heritage Adventure Letter right here!  We'll mail you a letter from explorer, Lizzy Jane, and she goes on an adventure through Antelope Canyon and watches the sun set over Horseshoe Bend!

Antelope Canyon Videos

Here’s an excellent video tour of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend from Viator Travel:

Need the inside scoop on what a tour of Antelope Canyon looks like?  Check out this video from Globe Watchers!

If you just want to see some lovely footage of Antelope Canyon with no narration, this video from Amazing Places on our Planet has you covered!

Want to visit Antelope Canyon soon?  Me too!

If you’re heading to Antelope Canyon soon, it’s important to note that you MUST be on a guided tour to visit the area.  With that in mind, click HERE for Navajo Nation Park’s list of tour operators.

If you’re as enchanted as I am with Horseshoe Bend, this video from The Traveling Clatt can give you tons of information about it and will probably move Horseshoe Bend up a few spots on your Travel Bucket List!

Additional Antelope Canyon Resources

Live Science's All About Antelope Canyon

Firefall Photography's Photo Guide to Horseshoe Bend

Sunrise to Sunset at Horseshoe Bend, AZ: Photos by Brian Klimowski:


Antelope Canyon Tips for Photographers

One last thing, especially if you’re a photographer and want to get the best shots at Antelope Canyon…don’t miss Kaz Canning’s 5 Important Tips for Antelope Canyon:


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