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Prepare Your Kids for an Epic Trip to Yellowstone National Park

Our family's favorite way to learn about new places that we want to visit it by reading books about the place.  We love to read books, work puzzles, and do other fun activities to help us learn all about the places we're preparing to explore!

Pre-learning about all you'll see & encounter on your trip to Yellowstone National Park will help your family better understand the wonders & delights of Yellowstone before your visit.  Your kids will be able to ask park rangers great questions to help them understand more.  

There is no better way to prepare to help your family get the most out of your trip to Yellowstone National Park than spending a few days (or weeks) learning about Yellowstone ahead of time.  You'll see their excitement build each day before & during your trip as you learn!

Many of these books and activities could be used in the car to help make your roadtrip to Yellowstone more enjoyable by keeping your crew occupied for those long hours on the road.  You can even pair some of the books and activities below with the North American Animals Toob and the Steve Spangler Science Extreme Geyser Tube to build a great Yellowstone National Park Morning Basket!


Yellowstone (A True Book: National Parks)

If you're looking for a book that is brilliantly filled with photographs and wonderful facts about Yellowstone National Park then this is the book for you!


Volcano Dreams: A Story of Yellowstone

Prepare younger children for a trip to Yellowstone with this delightful picture book!

Yellowstone National Park Activity Book 


What I Saw in Yellowstone: A Kid's Guide to the National Park


 Yellowstone Is Calling: Yellowstone National Park Travel Journal, Log Book & Activity Book for Kids

The Wolves of Yellowstone: A Rewilding Story 

Learn all about the successful reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park!


Geysers (Earth Rocks!)

Almost 1/2 of ALL of the geysers on Earth are at Yellowstone National Park! Be ready to explore Yellowstone's geysers by learning how geysers work and what to expect to see.


Yellowstone National Park - Hayden Valley Bisons, Vintage Travel Poster

Yellowstone National Park: Grand Prismatic Springs, Vintage Poster

Your family will LOVE this colorful puzzle featuring Grand Prismatic Spring!


National Parks Books

USA National Parks Journal & Passport Stamp Book

Collecting National Park Passport Stamps is fun & easy with this National Parks Journal! 

National Parks of the USA 

A "must-have" book for learning about the USA's National Parks with kids full of fun facts & beautiful photography!

Yellowstone National Parks Coloring Book


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