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Learn all about Harriet Quimby!

America's first female pilot has an amazing story to tell!  Harriet Quimby led a life of adventure as she broke the mold for women of her time by pursuing a career as an actress, a journalist, and finally a pilot at the dawn of aviation history.

She was brave, intelligent, beautiful, and an inspiration to all the female pilots from Amelia Earhart to Sally Ride who have followed in her footprints (or contrails shall we say)!

Harriet Quimby Photo

What an amazing woman! 

To help you learn more about Harriet Quimby's life and accomplishments, we've compiled a list of books, museums, and educational ideas to help you.

Whether you're a student doing research, a school teacher looking for lesson plan ideas, or a homeschooling mom doing the same, we're here to help!

In addition to this blog post, we offer free printables to help you learn about Harriet Quimby and we would LOVE to mail you our Heritage Letter from Harriet Quimby.  With the letter you'll receive a photo of Harriet, a timeline of her life, and a copy of a 1912 advertisement for Vin Fiz, a sparkling grape juice featuring Harriet Quimby in her signature purple flying suit!

Our Harriet Quimby Letter is the perfect addition to your homeschool history lessons for women's history month, aviation, and journalism!

Get the Heritage Letter from Harriet Quimby!


Harriet Quimby Letter

You can view the lesson plans below and snatch up a copy of the free lesson plans along with our our activities about Harriet in our free downloads here!

If you’d like a fun introduction to Harriet Quimby's life that will be engaging and authentic, you can grab our Heritage Letter anytime!  It’s full of direct quotes, facts about her life and so much more!  You can get the snail mail letter here or the instant digital download version here.

Places to Visit

National Aviation Hall of Fame

Find Harriet Quimby's photo in the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio!


International Women's Air and Space Museum

Learn about amazing women throughout the history of air and space at the International Women's Air And Space Museum in Cleveland, Ohio


Air & Space Museums

Take a field trip to visit a local air and space museum.  You may not find any mention of Harriet Quimby there, but you may spot pieces of her legacy in photographs and exhibits of other female aviators!  Harriet sought to inspire other women to fly and her bravery paved the way for all who followed her.



Harriet Quimby Books

Brave Harriet: The First Woman to Fly the English Channel

by Marissa Moss

Read the delightful tale of Harriet's flight across the English Channel!


Famous Women Aviators Coloring Book

A Dover History Coloring Book

44 carefully researched illustrations fill this coloring book just waiting for your young artist to learn about aviators including Harriet Quimby, Bessie Coleman, Jackie Cochran, Sally Ride, and many, many more!


The Daring Miss Quimby

by Suzanne George Whitaker

Introduce children to Harriet Quimby with this biography filled with lovely watercolors and tales of the daring first female pilot in American.   


Harriet Quimby Lesson Plans Pin

One Week with Harriet Quimby

Spend a week in your homeschool history studies learning about Harriet Quimby's life with our one week of lesson plans!  

You'll find all of the ideas below, plus a pamphlet for your student(s) to fill out about Harriet Quimby and 4 quotes of hers to decorate your learning space in  our Harriet Quimby free downloads.

Day 1: Hello Harriet!

Read the Heritage Letter from Harriet Quimby.

Watch Harriet Quimby | Women Who Dare | Exhibit at OHTM

*As you go through the week, add in reading any books you have about Harriet Quimby and work on filling out the brochure about her.

Day 2: Harriet the Journalist

Read about Harriet’s first amazing adventure with speed in her own words in her article “A Woman’s Exciting Ride In A Racing Motor Car”

Writing Extension: Do you love to feel the wind in your hair when you speed down a hill on your bike or swing high up into the sky? Write about a time when you felt the rush of speed and how it made you feel.

Day 3: Harriet the Aviator

Learn more about Harriet with the National Aviation Hall of Fame

Day 4: Record Setter

Harriet was the first female pilot to fly across the English Channel. See if you can track her flight path from the shores of Dover, England to Calais, France.

Day 5: Legacy Leaver

Harriet Quimby was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2004.

Learn about the National Aviation Hall of Fame

Create your own Hall of Fame including pictures of your favorite pilots!

Additional Research & Resources

Harriet’s August 24, 1911, Article “How I Won My Aviators License” for Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly

Wednesday's Women: America's First Lady of the Air Harriet Quimby

Racing Nellie Bly: Harriet Quimby

Town Village Historic Profile on Harriet Quimby

Wonderful Photos of Harriet Quimby from Vintage News Daily

Read Harriet’s Article “A Woman’s Exciting Ride In A Racing Motor Car,” from the Vanderbilt Cup Races


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