Duke Kahanamoku Lesson Plans

Are you ready to learn all about the famed Hawaiian Olympic Gold Medalist and Father of Surfing DUKE KAHANAMOKU?

Duke was an amazing athlete, friend, and an inspiration to many.  To help you learn more about Duke, we’ve developed a week of free lesson plans as well as some activities for your use.  They're all included in our free downloads here!

Kahanamoku Printables

If you’d like a fun introduction to Duke’s life that will be engaging and authentic, you can grab our Duke Kahanamoku full of direct quotes, facts about his life, and stories about swimming and surfing. You can get snail mail letter here or the instant digital download version here.


If you'd love a book or two to help you learn more about Duke or his beloved Hawaii, we have you covered!

Surfer of the Century
written by Ellie Crowe and illustrated by Richard Waldrep


Waterman: The Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku by David Davis


Ohana Means Family written by Ilima Loomis and illustrated by Kenard Pak


A is for Aloha written by U’ilani Goldsberry and illustrated by Tammy Yee


 Practice the sports that Duke loved by going swimming, heading to the beach, and surfing!  You can also watch the Summer Olympics any time it rolls around to see how champion athletes like Duke swim through the water a lightning fast speeds!

One Week with Duke Kahanamoku

How would you like to spend an entire week learning all about Duke Kahanamoku?  We have you covered with free printable activities and a week of lesson plans!  Download our free printable activities and hyperlinked lesson plans here or simply use the links below.

Day 1: Aloha Duke!

Read the Heritage Letter from Duke Kahanamoku

 Watch PBS Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku

Day 2: Duke the Hawaiian

Watch Duke win the 1920 Gold Medal for the 100 meter

 Watch Duke Kahanamoku’s Original Australian Surfboard

Day 3: Duke the Olympian

Watch Duke Kahanamoku History Part I and Part II


Day 4: Duke the Surfer

Watch Duke Kahanamoku Interview: The Father of Surfing


Day 5: Duke the Ambassador

 Watch This Is Your Life: Duke Kahanamoku


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