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Learn America's history in a living, authentic way with a Heritage Letter historical letter subscription!


Harriet Quimby Unit Study

Imagine receiving a new letter in the mail each month from someone significant from America's great past.

An explorer, a leader, a statesman, a pioneer, an inventor, a scientist, a doctor, a naturalist, an author, an artist...




Duke Kahanamoku Olympic Swimmer

Each month you'll receive...

A LETTER written from the perspective of an American legend surrounding the events of his or her life and his or her contribution to American history.

A PHOTO/FACT CARD with a picture of the American legend and important facts regarding his or her life on back.

An ARTIFACT such as a picture, artwork, map, or quote related to the American legend.


Patriotic Lesson

Raise patriotic children who are passionate about America

Get your family excited about learning United States history

Perfect for history curriculum homeschool families, history lovers, grandparents, and more

The perfect compliment to your U.S. history curriculum

Learn about a new American hero each month



 As Seen On...

As Seen On

What Customers are Saying about Heritage Letter...

"My oldest son was a struggling reader until he found a book at the library called A Spy Called James the true story about James Armistread Lafayette.  He loved that book and it began a year long homeschool study about all things Revolutionary War.  When I saw a Heritage Letter from James Lafayette I just knew we had to sign up.  We have not been disappointed!  Thank you.  My son is now an avid reader and he enjoys reading the letter for himself too."  -Katie 

"My girls and I look forward to your letters each month :)"  -Patricia

"I’m so glad I found you! Your letters offer such a gift to those who desire to learn." -Sonja

Enos Mills Rocky Mountains

Heritage Letter is an engaging, fresh way to learn about America's history whole new way...

History lessons will never be boring again!



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