Laura Ingalls Wilder Letter Bundle - Homeschooling Torah 2022 Homeschool Family Conference Exclusive

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Hello Homeschooling Torah 2022 Homeschool Family Conference Attendees!  We're so thrilled you're here and are taking the time to invest in yourself and your homeschooling with the conference!  If you're new to Heritage Letter, we're a homeschooling family that produces 2 monthly letter subscriptions to help families learn more about US history & geography in a fun & engaging way.

We hope you enjoy our Laura ingalls Wilder Heritage Letter bundle which includes a letter written from the perspective of Wilder herself to help introduce you and your children to the wonderful world of Laura ingalls Wilder and Little House on the Prairie!

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This letter bundle Includes a Heritage Letter from Laura Ingalls Wilder, her double-sided photo/fact card, and an artifact print of the cover artwork from the first edition print of Little House in the Big Woods along with 9 pages of activities to accompany your study.


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