Lives of the Explorers Video Companion

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If you've purchased our Lives of the Explorers: Discoveries, Disasters (and What the Neighbors Thought) Study Guide or if you're just reading the book on your own, here's a video companion guide to help you enjoy your study.  We've also included a few additional books that you may want to look into to supplement your reading.  If you need the book, you can grab it here!

For older students, we recommend checking out the following online courses to supplement your family study of this book:

Khan Academy: Big History Project Lesson 8.0 Expansion & Interconnection

Udemy: The Age of Exploration or The Age of Discovery

Great Courses: Histories Greatest Voyages of Exploration

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Leif Ericson

Leif the Lucky by Ingri d'Aulaire and Edgar d'Aulaire
Who Was Leif Erikson? by Nico Medina

Marco Polo

Who Was Marco Polo? by Joan Holub
Marco Polo: his travels and adventures by George Makepeace Towle

Ibn Battuta

Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta by James Rumford
The Amazing Travels of Ibn Battuta by Fatima Sharafeddine

Zheng He

Zheng He, The Great Chinese Explorer: A Bilingual Story of Adventure and Discovery (Chinese and English) by Li Jian

Christopher Columbus

Columbus by Edgar d'Aulaire and Ingri d'Aulaire
A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus by David A. Adler
Who Was Christopher Columbus? by Bonnie Bader
Christopher Columbus: Across the Ocean Sea by Geoff Benge

Ferdinand Magellan

Magellan: Over the Edge of the World by Laurence Bergreen
Who Was Ferdinand Magellan? by Sydelle Kramer

Henry Hudson

Hudson by Janice Weaver and David Craig
Henry Hudson: Seeking the Northwest Passage by Carrie Gleason

James Cook

Sailing the Unknown: Around the World with Captain Cook by Michael J Rosen

Daniel Boone

Who Was Daniel Boone? by Sydelle Kramer
Daniel Boone: Frontiersman by Janet Benge and Geoff Benge

Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Sacagawea

What was the Lewis and Clark Expedition? by Judith St. George
Who Was Sacagawea? by Judith Bloom Fradin
Of Courage Undaunted: Across the Continent with Lewis and Clark by James Daugherty

Richard Francis Burton

This one is a short podcast.  To jump the portion about Burton jump to 3 minutes 35 seconds into the video.

Isabella Bird

Away with Words: The Daring Story of Isabella Bird by Lori Mortensen

Mary Kingsley

Uncommon Traveler: Mary Kingsley in Africa by Don Brown

Matthew Henson

Keep On!: The Story of Matthew Henson, Co-Discoverer of the North Pole by Deborah Hopkinson

Richard E. Byrd

Black Whiteness: Admiral Byrd Alone in the Antarctic by Robert Burleigh

Auguste and Jacques Piccard

Sally Ride

Who Was Sally Ride? by Megan Stine
To the Stars! The First American Woman to Walk in Space by Carmella Van Vleet


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.