Ansel Adams Lesson Plans

There are so many wonderful directions you can go with a study on Ansel Adams!  Our top recommendations are to study his life, study photography, and/or study the National Parks.  Here are a few ideas to get you started in those areas!

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For All Ages


  • Watch the trailer for the video Ansel Adams: Photographer, an interview with Ansel Adams, or the BBC special on Ansel Adams here.
  • Watch the PBS special on Ansel Adams here.



  • Ansel Adams Gallery at the Village Mall at Yosemite National Park

  • Ansel Adams Exhibits –Check out one of these traveling exhibits of photographs by Ansel Adams

  • Ansel Adams: The Mural Project 1941-1942 at the US Department of the Interior Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  You can find information about how to arrange a tour here.

  • Visit a local photography museum to view their exhibits or a local photography school or studio to view their prints.  Call your local art museums to see if any of them have any works by Ansel Adams currently on display or if they know of a museum in your local area that does.


    • Dear Summit: wonderful National Parks map, journals, stickers, T-shirts and other goodies

    • Learn about our National Parks and collect park passport stamps with Stamp Your Way Through the U.S.A., a five books series celebrating each National Park's beauty while encouraging the collection of official park stamps along the way.

    • While you’re busy studying our National Parks get outside and visit one or even a local park with 1000 Hours Outside.




    • Go on a photo scavenger hunt with your child using one of the photo scavenger hunt guides in our free downloads for the Ansel Adams letter.  Have your child point out to you the things he/she would like to take a picture of or carefully help him/her take the picture.
    • Look through pictures of a recent family outing with your child and talk about the importance and joy of taking pictures to help us remember where we've been and what we've done while we were there.

    • Look through photographs taken by Ansel Adams either in a book such as Ansel Adams: The National Park Service Photographs or online at the Ansel Adams Gallery
    • Consider buying your child a kid-friendly camera such as the Vtech KidiZoom




    Middle School/High School




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